Camera Inspection & Problem Diagnosis for Residential & Commercial Plumbing Problems in Greater St. Louis

Drain Masters Plumbing uses the latest technology and equipment to perform camera inspections for commercial and residential customers. Camera inspections involve the use of special video cameras to view the insides of sewer and drain lines, allowing our plumbers to view areas that could not otherwise be viewed without excavation or going behind walls.

No Guessing Games; A More Efficient Way to Solve Your Plumbing Problem

Camera inspections are an effective and cost-efficient way to detect problems in drain and sewer lines, as well as to determine their overall condition. They enable our licensed plumbers to accurately pinpoint problems such as leaks, cracks, blockages and obstructions such as tree roots. Once the sewer and water line problems are determined using a camera inspection, they can be effectively fixed with the least amount of digging or drywall damage.

Drain Masters offers camera inspections for a fair price. To ensure that you receive the best possible plumbing services, we provide upfront pricing for all plumbing work. And, we offer veteran and senior citizen discounts. We also offer $100 off on any sewer or water line replacement.

If you’re the DIY type, or just interested in easy ways to save money, be sure to check out our Plumbing Resources page for tips and tricks designed to save you money by avoiding repairs or unnecessary maintenance.

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