Warning Signs of a Sewer Backup

Warning Signs of a Sewer Backup

The summer can bring some interesting weather that can put a damper on the plumbing in your home, more importantly your main sewer line.

Heavy summer rainstorms and high temperatures can back up main sewer lines, causing minor and major water damage to a home. It’s not just weather causing these problems, tree roots can intrude into sewer pipes causing clogs and drains to backup.


There are three main signs that lead to these problems:

  • Foul stench coming from the drains

  • Slow draining bathtubs, toilets or laundry lines

  • Excessive appearance of bubbles near drains or in the toilet

What To Do

It is very important that you do not put off these warning signs when you notice them. Sewer lines can get choked by roots, and if not cleared raw sewage can backup into your bathtubs, sinks or basements, causing significant property damage. The main sewer line is the pipeline that carries waste away from all your household drains to the sewage treatment plant, so maintenance and upkeep is extremely important. Be on the look out for these warning signs and call or schedule service online with Drain Masters to avoid disaster.