You Might be a Plumber, If??¬

You Might be a Plumber, If??¬

In each and every one of us there is an “experienced” plumber, a Heathcliff Huxtable if you will, ready to tackle any plumbing related problem that comes our way. Got a leaky pipe? Sounds like it’s time to apply some duct tape. Is your toilet clogged? I guess we got to go through the wall and find the real cause of the problem. Has the faucet stopped working? Better grab my suede tool belt and hope for the best. If this sounds remotely like yourself, you may be the plumber Drain Masters deserves but not the one it needs.

While all of us would love to transform into a trained plumber during these dire situations, most of us do not have the privilege of such a gift. So what makes a true professional plumber?

Criteria for a True Plumber

  • You sport a thick handlebar mustache
  • You only wear jean overalls
  • Only you would know that Ozzy Osborne worked as a plumber at the age of fifteen
  • You are a bit of an insomniac and ready for any plumbing problem 24/7
  • Your weapon of choice when faced with a leaky pipe is the mighty wrench
  • You have been trained in the art of the auger, a technique only familiar to certain citizens of Brooklyn and various holy men of the Himalayas
  • Your call in life is to maintain and protect the plumbing world as we know it, for the good of humanity
  • And your dream is to one day work for an experienced plumbing company that is state famous

In all seriousness, every plumber should be well trained, polite, skilled, accountable, experienced, and passionate about what they do. These are the standards we require for each of our plumbers here at Drain Masters Plumbing. If you hold these same values and a handlebar mustache, Drain Masters would love to welcome you into our business and our family of plumbers. Contact us today and discover the great career opportunities we have to offer.