Causes of a Leaky Refrigerator

Causes of a Leaky Refrigerator

If there is a leak in your kitchen and it’s not coming from the sink or dishwasher, it is most likely coming from your refrigerator. Check underneath the fridge for signs of pooling water. If you are unsure what is causing the leak, there are three possibilities:


The water filter in your fridge could be installed incorrectly. This is common as filters age or do not fit correctly with a new refrigerator model. Check for water escaping from the holes in the filter to prevent leaks from the fridge. Also check and make sure the size and model of the fridge and filter are a perfect match.


The drain pan, located at the bottom of the refrigerator, catches any water leak or perspiration from the refrigerator unit. However, the drain pan could have a crack. If there are any signs of significant pooling of water, chances are the pan has a crack.


Another common cause of a leak is the defrost drain. The defrost drain can be blocked by food particles or ice and prevents water from accumulating during the defrost cycle that leads to the drain pan. Water will continue to build up and without having anywhere to go, the water will flow right onto your floor. To remove any blockage, flush the drain with hot water and use a wire hanger to remove debris.

If you have any more issues or need more information, contact Drain Masters professional plumbers or schedule online for an inspection!