Residential Services

Serving the St. Louis, Missouri community, Drain Masters is a full service plumbing company committed to your residential plumbing, drain cleaning and water cleanup needs. We hire professional expert technicians and plumbers and offer licensed and insured 24-hour emergency plumbing services.

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Commercial Services

Drain Masters plumbing offers a full range of commercial plumbing and drain services in the greater St. Louis, MO area. We service all types of businesses and facilities including hotels, restaurants, small and large office buildings and apartment complexes, schools, day care centers, churches and more.

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Clogged drains are a common occurrence and can be caused by food particles, hair, oil, dirt, soap, coffee grounds, hot wax or grease, and mineral build-up. Installing strainers on all tub and shower drains may also help.

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When a sewer lateral is compromised, it can have serious consequences on your home or commercial building. You need a professional plumbing company you can count on to accurately pinpoint the source and efficiently.

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Leaks in the water lines of your home or business can cause serious problems like the growth of mold and mildew, rotting floor joists and drywall. If they are located near electrical wires, they can be a serious safety.

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Drain Masters uses the latest technology and equipment to perform camera inspections for businesses and homeowners. These inspections involve the use of special video cameras to view the insides of sewer and drain lines.

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Customer Reviews

I was very pleased with Drain Masters. I had an emergency on Sunday afternoon, and Drain Masters sent someone to my houses immediately, and it didn't cost an arm and leg for a Sunday afternoon call. Glen, the plumber, was very knowledgeable and courteous. I am very satisfied, and I Read More >

- Juli S.

Couldn't have asked for more thanks Drain Masters! Read More >

- Andrew E.

I live in the Wentzille area and called Drain Masters at around 2 in the morning and was surprised when someone answered. They were very polite on the phone and put me on the schedule for early morning. Glen showed up on time and was very helpful. Not only was Read More >

- Toby P.
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Why Choose Drain Masters?

Licensed Experts
Our licensed plumbers are experts in all areas of plumbing including septic tanks, clogged drains, sewer repair, water leaks and water heaters.
We Strive to Be the Best
Our plumbing company strives to provide the best plumbing, drain cleaning, sewer cleaning and septic services in St. Louis
24/7 Emergency Service
We provide emergency service within 30 minutes and will give you fair, up-front pricing.
Regular Maintenance
We also offer regular maintenance plans to help avoid a plumbing emergency.
Trusted for Over 30 years
Our licensed plumbers are experts in all areas of plumbing including septic tanks, clogged drains, sewer repair, water leaks and water heaters.


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